Ryton® R-4-200NA and R-4-200BL PPS
Model: Ryton® R-4-200NA
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Ryton® PPS Data SheetsRyton® polyphenylene sulfi
Ryton® PPS Data SheetsRyton® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) has a long standing reputation as a high performance engineering thermoplastic. With an exceptional degree of inherent thermal stability, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and flame resistance, combined with excellent mechanical and electrical properties, Ryton® PPS can provide superior performance over a broad range of critical design requirements. Ryton® PPS injection molding compounds also possess the excellent processing characteristics necessary to meet demanding, high precision applications. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company’s continuing commitment to quality improvement and customer satisfaction ensures the development of PPS compounds with the best combination of price, performance, and versatility. For our Xtel® PPS alloy data sheets, please see our page Xtel® PPS Data Sheets.
40% Glass Fiber Reinforced PPS Compounds
Products Documents Characteristics
Ryton® BR42B MSDS TDS Low Friction, High Wear Resistance
Ryton® R-4 and R-4-02 MSDS TDS General Purpose
Ryton® R-4-200NA and R-4-200BL MSDS TDS Enhanced Strength and Toughness
Ryton® R-4-220NA and R-4-220BL MSDS TDS Exceptional Resistance to Hot Water and Engine Coolants
Ryton® R-4-230NA and R-4-230BL MSDS TDS Low Flash, High Flow, Good Strength
Ryton® R-4XT and R-4-02XT MSDS TDS Improved Strength
65% Glass Fiber and Mineral Filled PPS Compounds 
Products Documents Characteristics
Ryton® BR111 and BR111BL MSDS TDS Creep Resistance, High Modulus, Dimensional Stability
Ryton® R-7-120NA and R-7-120BL MSDS TDS 220°C/240°C UL RTI, Arc Resistance, Lower Cost, Dimensional Stability
Ryton® R-7-121NA and R-7-121BL MSDS TDS 220°C/240°C UL RTI, Arc Resistance, Lower Cost, Dimensional Stability, Good Flow
Ryton® R-7-220BL MSDS TDS Hydrolytic Stability, Creep Resistance, High Modulus, Dimensional Stability
Unfilled PPS Polymers
Products Documents Characteristics
Ryton® PPS Coating Resins MSDS TDS Coatings (Thin and Thick), Slurries, Electrostatic Spray, Screened, Flocking, Fluidized Bed Application
Ryton® PPS Powders MSDS TDS Coatings, Compounds, Extrusion